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6. PCA Skin Facial Wash



This refreshing cleanser rejuvenates your skin as it washes away dirt, excess oil and makeup residue that builds up throughout the day. Featuring lactic acid, aloe vera and allantoin, it soothes and softens skin while maintaining its pH balance. Its gentle, paraben-free formula makes it ideal for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.



7. HoliFrog Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash



Just because your skin turns red by the mere mention of exfoliation doesn’t mean you can’t have a smooth, glowing and blemish-free complexion. Featuring a gentle formula that’s infused with glycolic and mandelic acids, tamanu and rosehip oils and Australian caviar lime extract, this serum in cleanser form removes pore-clogging debris, evens out texture and prevents breakouts.



8. Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser



With nourishing panthenol as its key ingredient, this gentle face wash soothes skin and promotes healing, making it ideal for those dealing with eczema, rosacea and other environmentally aggravated skin conditions. It provides your skin with much-needed protection against pollution, harsh climate, hormonal changes and makeup-related irritation. Its exclusive anti-ozonate complex helps defend against future inflammation.



9. Revision Skincare® Brightening Facial Wash



With its powerful formula that blends salicylic and glycolic acids, sucrose laureate and vitamin C, this multitasking, ultra-rich cleanser rids your skin of dirt and impurities without stripping it of its natural moisture while brightening your complexion. It is also infused with antioxidants vitamin E and white tea extract to protect your skin against free radical damage.

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